Key features to help your pressure points

See how we optimise your workflows, automate your tough jobs, and perform any task in just a couple of clicks. Designed by planners, for planners. 

App for your employees

Everything is within reach on a free user-friendly app for employees, clients, and managers. Your employees can easily indicate availability on a shift or day basis, digitally sign legal documents & contracts, clock in and out, synchronize their calendar and receive messages. The app makes all this possible for your team from any smartphone or tablet.

Time Registration

Through our multiple different time registration methods, you choose what suits your company best. Be confident in your staff’s clock-in times with a GPS tracked selfie. No more clients contesting your timesheets!

Work Schedules

You can create work schedules easily and quickly for the entire week. Afterwards, you can still assign shifts and copy the week. If necessary, you can easily and quickly copy the employees.

Ratings & Performance

Your clients, supervisors and managers can rate your staff, provide comments and track staff skills. Schedule the best employee for the job every time.

Stay on top of your finances

CrewPlanner calculates your planned costs before a project starts, works out your deductions and see your margin on each staff member. Maximise your profits and stay on top of your finances.

Schedule flexible events

Because each project is unique, the staff scheduling tool offers maximum flexibility from the beginning. Find the right employee by quickly filtering on availability, skills, distance and much more. Because conflicts are automatically displayed, double bookings are avoided.  Got a shift not filled? No problem send a message asking for availability and your agenda will turn green in no time.

Customer portal

Want your own customers to have a login on CrewPlanner to manage their projects? No problem!  Your customers can request projects, rate staff, provide feedback, and view timesheets!

External agency request

Need external help? Request staff directly from our associated suppliers via CrewPlanner. A simple and clear overview directly on your planning platform

But wait, there is more

CrewPlanner has tons of solutions to your problems

Know what is going on

Our notification and messaging system enables you and your team to be instantly notified of any change or client request.

Export everything you need

We have built a handy document builder that allows you to select the data you need and then export the selection in XLS, PDF, or CSV format.

Keep track of overtime

Keep an eye on the overtime hours of permanent employees and avoid extra costs in the payroll processing.

On-site control

Want an on-site employee that can manage clocking in your team, complete time registration and perform employee assessment? Easily done with our supervisor role.

Struggling to fill shifts?

Push a message to employees where you can ask them what their availability is or if they can work a specific shift. When an employee makes themselves as available for a shift, you will immediately receive a notification.

Structure your team

Not everyone needs to have access to everything in CrewPlanner. You have the option of giving a planner access one or more departments. Ideal for managing different divisions of your company.

Fed up of legal?

CrewPlanner's onboarding process is fully customisable and able to support your legal documentation. Take away the stress of compliance.

Document management

Share your documents of each individual project, via the general documents folder, or even store your employees' documents tied to their account. You make the selection yourself for whom this document may be visible.

Want a paper copy?

Need a project overview in a nice layout? Got a client who demands a paper timesheet? Generate one easily and quickly in a well-formatted pdf form.

iCal links

Employees can connect with their calendar so that they are always up to date on all their devices.

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